Memorial Stadium is widely regarded as one of the top place to watch a college football game. This beautiful stadium has been filled to capacity every week dating back to November 3, 1962. Whether it’s your first or hundredth visit to Lincoln for a game, you will soon realize there truly is no place like Nebraska. Attending a Husker game is a truly unique experience for every sports fan. Here are some helpful tips on the stadium’s seating information that will help you with deciding on purchasing tickets.


The stadium is split up into four different sections: North End Zone, East Stadium, South End Zone, and West Stadium. We will divide this guide into sections outlining Stadium and End Zone seating. Followed by explanations on limited view seating and the visitor/student sections.


In East (Sections 1-11) and West (21-31) Stadium the first four rows are numbered A-D, then they are numerical and go 1-47. To make things easy, Row D and Row 1 in these sections are separated by a walkway. Additionally, walkways are present in front of Row 23 and as dividers of odd and even numbered sections in both the East and West Stadium. Premium seating is available in both East and West Stadium through the Club sections. The West Stadium Club seats are found in Sections 221-231 and Sections 322-330. These seats give you access to indoor areas with  food/beverage vendors, private restrooms, and plasma televisions. Alternatively the East Stadium Club seats consist of Sections 401-413 with the same amenities found in the West Stadium Club. Additionally, East Stadium has two additional sections. A balcony level made up of Sections 101-111 and Upper Level seating spanning across Section’s 601-613. The upper level has around 15 rows to a section, while the balcony section is slightly larger with roughly 17 rows to a section. The rows in North and South End Zone are numerically numbered and have roughly 99 rows each. Walkways are again present as dividers between odd and even numbered sections. A jumbotron exists in the North End Zone and a smaller video board exists in the corner between East and South Stadium.


Because this is an older stadium there are some areas with limited view seating. The most notable limited view areas are found in Rows 40-47 of East (Sect. 1-11) and West (Sect. 21-31) Stadium – these areas may have somewhat of an obstructed view due to pillars holding up the stadium so keep that in mind if purchasing tickets in these areas. Next, sitting in East or West Stadium Rows A-D will put you practically right on the field and because you are so close to the bench it will give a limited view for some portions of the field (although there are no objects – other than coaches and players – blocking your view). In light of the walkways, East/West Section’s 1-3 may present a challenge with other fans passing by your seat throughout the game. The same is also true for odd numbered sections in the stadiums – specifically Section 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, or 11 in East and Section 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, or 31 in West.


Assigned seating for the visiting team is found in Sections 19-21 and 40-41, oftentimes these areas will still be filled with Husker fans. There are two blocks of assigned student seating in East Stadium and the South End Zone. The Cornhusker Marching Band sits in Section 9 of East Stadium, with Sections 10-11 reserved for students. Additionally in the South End Zone, Sections 12-13 make up the rest of assigned seating for students.


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